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Lunch Testimonials

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Denise spends her own time making me my own special cakes because I am dairy intolerant. Merryn

I love the roast dinners, especially the chicken! Charlotte

I really like the jacket potatoes because the skin is crispy. I have it with cheese or tuna. Lewis

You can choose different pasta and they come with tasty sauces. Marianne

I love the pineapple in the fruit platter. Aleks

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The school dinners are really nice. I prefer the jacket potatoes. Barnaby
I like the pizza baguette. The best bit is the pepperoni and the crusty bits. Reuben
I really like the curry because it’s spicy. Isabella
The chocolate cake is delicious. Harry
I like the pasta, but I don’t like the curry. Libby
I like the fish and chips and jelly. William
I like all the school dinners but especially the pizza baguette and the pasta. Jonty
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I really like the dinners because they are yummy and healthy and if you prefer you can choose from a baguette, packed lunch or a jacket. Nicole

My favourite dish is chicken curry. The dinner ladies are really kind and friendly. Eliz

Lunch time is where you get to talk to your friends and eat proper food. When you get the food it is still hot. Connor

I would really recommend the chicken curry. Callum

In the summer, you get to sit on the tables outside and on occasions we get special things, like on Red Nose Day red nose cakes or at Christmas snowman biscuits. You can have a baguette with a choice of things like ham, cheese, tuna, egg mayo all with salad. Rosie

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I like the chicken curry. It is spicy. Anastasia 

I like fruit for dessert. Charlie 

I like choosing what I have in my baguette. Michael 

I like the chicken curry. James

I like the chicken curry too. Darcey 

The sauce on the spaghetti bolognaise is nice. Rhiannon

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I like the all-day breakfast because I like the eggs. Jimmy

The oranges are sweet and juicy. Lewis

I like the curry because it is like going to the indian restaurant. Toby

The jelly is all wobbly and nice. Rose

Denise makes really yummy cake. William

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I look forward to when we have All Day Breakfast. Harrison

I like school dinners because they are always tasty. Jessica

I like it that you always get to choose a salad. Lauren

School lunches are good because you get a choice. Mina

My favourite thing about school dinner is that there is always a very good dessert. The Yorkshire puddings on roast dinner day are good too. Molly

I look forward to my lunch every day. Arthur

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They’re like a home cooked dinner, they are really tasty. Mrs Neilson

There’s always a good variety of food with plenty of choice which caters for everybody’s need – and Denise knows what we all like! Mrs Colgate

They are healthy and appetising and Denise and Jo are really creative with changing the vegetarian option. They also are really good at remembering who likes what! Mrs Baker

There’s always a great selection of fruit and salad. Mrs Franklin

Denise and Jo are brilliant at catching onto a theme or topic we might be doing in school and create a menu to match it. I really like the baguettes and salads she does. Mrs Newland 

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Latest Class News

  • Owls
  • Blackbirds
  • Starlings
  • Chaffinch
  • Robins
  • Sparrows
In Owl Class, the children are expected to work hard in preparation for SATs at the end of Year 6 and at the same time, enjoy the responsibilities and privileges which come with being at the top of the school. Their monitor duties give them the chance to show how sensible and reliable they can be and how their behaviour can be an example to others. They are given lots of opportunities to work individually and creatively. The children become more involved in challenges and schemes which will go some way in preparing them for secondary school – the residential trip Read More
Blackbird Class is taught by Mrs Layer, and is for children in years 4 and 5. The children are helped to become more independent and to develop a positive approach to learning. They are allowed to sit next to their friends if they are sensible and work hard and they are encouraged to take care of their classroom and the equipment within. They have a lovely bright classroom with an outside area that they use for activities that need more space. The children are shown how to use calculators to check their work and for games that help them embed Read More
The work is more structured than in previous years leading to more independent working. Numeracy consolidates learning from the younger years and leads to applying maths. Reading and writing still make up the largest part of literacy but including more focus on grammar. Our topics are varied and interesting, including historical and geographical topics. The children of Starlings made the following comments: "I feel more grown up now I am in a new class." "Starlings has good work." "Our own drawers…" "I like Starlings because I like the blue chairs." "It feels fun when I am doing maths." Read More
The children in Chaffinch Class are six and seven years old. This is the last class in key stage one and as such play and ‘choosing activities’ begin to give way to a more formal structure in the mornings, where the children are encouraged to concentrate for longer periods of time and take more responsibility for their learning. The classroom has been set up for the first time this year and much of the furniture and equipment is brand new! It is bright and airy with lots of space. In Chaffinch Class the children will begin to develop joined up Read More
Robins Class is a Year 1 class where the children begin to work on the National Curriculum schemes of work. Children work to develop the reading and writing skills that they have already acquired in the Foundation stage, through regular phonics sessions, literacy lessons and other curriculum areas. Children take part in maths lessons with a strong practical basis. They use many types of maths equipment to promote a strong understanding of mathematical concepts. Mrs Walden and Miss Lowe are the Classteachers. Here are some of the things that the children in Robins like about their class. "I like drawing Read More
In Sparrow Class Mrs Colgate and Mrs Neilson are the teachers. Here are some of the things the children say about Sparrow Class. "I like doing number work on the computer." "I like paying lego with my friends." "I liked the Home Corner when it was a pirate ship." "I liked using the Art area to draw and paint." "I liked being a detective and looking for Mrs Colgate’s cat." Read More